Located at 5325 Cornish in Houston, Texas, Divetech, Inc. serves the greater Houston metropolitan area. Come visit our shop to see our complete line of fine products from these leading manufacturers of scuba diving equipment:

What's the Deal with Authorized Dealers?

Visit the website of any reputable manufacturer of scuba gear, and what do you see? Well, lots of stuff, including product brochures and descriptions, testimonials from satisfied customers, and maybe even a list of manufacturer’s recommended prices.

You’ll also see a list of “Authorized Dealers” or “Authorized Distributors”.

What you never see is a ‘shopping cart’. Why is that?

It’s very simple. These manufacturers build precision engineered products of unsurpassed safety and reliability, which they back up with warranties and guarantees. They know they’re putting their reputation on the line with each product they make.

The only way they can ensure that you purchase an authentic product is by only selling through networks of dealers certified to sell and maintain their products. In fact, some manufacturers do not honor the warranty on equipment not obtained in this way. Beware of equipment sold by internet-based shops or auction sites – you’ll likely get no support from the manufacturer. It’s a prime example of caveat emptor: ‘let the buyer beware!’ (Click here to see an example of one manufacturer's "in-store" sales policy.)

For you, the customer, shopping with your authorized dealer means getting the best performing, safest product for your specific needs - your dealer will help you select the best equipment for the type of diving you plan to do. Plus, your dealer is the most reliable source for the regular service needed to keep your equipment in top shape. So always shop with authorized dealers, and when in doubt, consult the manufacturer. They’ll be happy to help find a dealer near you.

As an authorized dealer for a number of leading manufacturers of top quality Scuba gear and equipment, Divetech, Inc. is proud to provide you, our customers, with the full range of services you deserve. Our knowledgeable sales staff will educate you on the equipment needed for the type of diving you plan to do, help you select among the available options, and fit the equipment to you. Divetech, Inc. also maintains an inventory of diving gear to rent to our open water certified customers. And finally, Divetech, Inc. performs annual inspections, maintenance service and repairs on your personal diving gear to keep it in optimum operating condition.

For more information on our rental and maintenance/repair services, click on the links above or the Services dropdown menu on the top menu bar.

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