Visit the website of any SCUBA gear manufacturer. What do you see? Well, lots of stuff, like product brochures and descriptions, testimonials from satisfied customers, and maybe even a list of manufacturer’s recommended prices.

You’ll also see a list of “Authorized Dealers” or “Authorized Distributors.” What you never see is a ‘shopping cart.” Why is that?

Simple. Manufacturers build highly specialized precision engineered products that keep you safe in the water, and they back up with warranties and guarantees. They put their reputation on the line with every product. To ensure product quality and authenticity, they sell only through networks of dealers certified to distribute and service their products. In fact, some manufacturers honor equipment warranties only on their items sold through authorized dealers. 

For you, the customer, authorized dealers are able to match you, the diver, to the best performing, safest products for your own particular diving needs. Dealers are experts who can save you both time and money by getting you the right equipment the first time around. Plus, dealers’ reliable service on that equipment keeps it — and by extension, you — in perfect working order. 

Beware of purchasing equipment directly through internet-based shops or auction sites – you’ll likely get no support on that equipment from the manufacturer and possibly no warranty coverage, a prime example of caveat emptor: ‘Let the buyer beware!’ 







Divetech, Inc., an authorized dealer for several leading SCUBA manufacturers, proudly provides our customers with the full range of related equipment and services. Our knowledgeable sales staff will educate you about appropriate equipment options, match you to the best equipment to your needs, and fit the equipment to you. Divetech, Inc. also maintains an inventory of rental gear to our open-water-certified customers. Finally, Divetech, Inc. provides and performs annual inspections, maintenance service, and repairs on your personal diving gear to help ensure your safety.

For more information on rentals, maintenance, and/repair services, click on the links above or the Services dropdown menu on the top menu bar.

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