Jake Hoefer


Q: Why do you dive?
A: I was introduced to diving at the age of 8. By the time I was 10, I was eager and ready to learn about the world that lives underwater. The best feeling in the whole world is not having a care in the world and doing something you love; I found this in diving.

Q: Why did you decide to instruct diving?
A: I have always been a student in my life; when I had the opportunity to become an instructor, I jumped at the opportunity. Instructing gives me a sense of joy, because I see all my hard work pay off.

Q: Why Instruct at Dive Tech?
A: The answer is simple, Edward Luedtke. When I was looking for a job, Edward reached out to me and asked if I would work for him. Choosing to work for him has been one the best decisions I have made in my life. He keeps me motivated and always wants the best for all his instructors.

Q: Number one tip for future diver?
A: As a person that learned to dive at a young age, I have made many mistakes while diving. The one thing I got right, take it slow. When diving go low and slow. Also, diving is not about how deep you can go, it’s about the unforgettable experiences you have underwater.

Q: Your coolest dive trip and why.
A: It is hard to just choose one trip, but the one trip that is ingrained in my brain is any trip to Bonaire. It truly is a diver’s paradise. The people that go on our guided trips are people that you will want to be around and in the end go on another trip with again.

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