Ben Thomas


Q: Why do you dive?
A: I really enjoy that it forces one to focus on what one is doing when they are doing it.  So many things these days are done with the expectation of multitasking. No flow.  When you dive, you dive.  If you don’t focus, it could be dangerous.  With that little reminder, instantly you’re in flow.

Q: Why did you decide to instruct diving?
A: I like to learn and pass that knowledge on to others.  I really enjoy diving.  Why not put the two together?

Q: Why Instruct at Dive Tech?
A: Candidly, a followed an instructor whom I respected.  If asked why I stay, I see the owner as a fair and reasonable guy, and the other professionals as competent, fun to be around, and interested in continuous improvement.

Q: Number one tip for future diver?
A: Log.  Log the data, log the encounters, log the learnings, log the feeling. When you go back and revisit your log, you’ll get to experience it again.

Q: Your coolest dive trip and why.
A:  Bonaire 2010 – Great group of people, my 16-year-old son as a dive buddy, LOTS of diving.  I went back in 2022, with Divetech, and it was great also.

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