Craig Kippola


picture-or-video-433-1Q. Why do you dive?
A. Tranquility, beautiful sea-life and coral and great people to hang with on our group trips. This is special time together with my wife, and sometimes my daughter.

Q. Why did you decide to instruct diving?
A. Self satisfaction taking nervous people of all ages and seeing the thrill and excitement from students because they not only passed the class but are comfortable and confident. I appreciate comments about my patient style and I enjoy sharing dive stories.

Q. Why instruct at Dive Tech?
A. Quite some time ago, my son took the open water course at Dive Tech. They were very thorough and easy to work with, and he came away as a good diver. His first ocean experience – he and I went diving in the Bahamas, great ! I am still alive after I told my wife we did the shark dives.

Q. Number one tip for future divers?
A. Seek proper training and dive as you are taught. Don’t follow what others do. We take our fun seriously.

img_0120-1Q. Coolest dive trip and why?
A. Too many to list. Cozumel and Bonaire remain our favorites. They both offer their own special attractions. Bonaire has 450 species of fishes and very calm, Cozumel is drift diving with huge sponges, turtles, occasional rays, etc. etc.

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