Kan Ye


img_0657Q. Why do you dive?
A. I like sports, I like outdoor activities, I like making new friends, I like visiting different places and experiencing their cultures, I like the status in a neutral and quiet environment for relaxing and meditating, and I like the nature and beautiful view both on the top of mountain and in the deep of oceans, scuba diving is the only solution that can match all the demands of everyday life.

Q. Why did you decide to instruct diving?
A. First, I’d like to introduce the amazing activity to new friends and share my experiences, I hope more and more people can become involved in Diving.
Secondary, when I was in the IDC (instructor development course), I learned a lot more details on how to enjoy fun and safe scuba diving, and I found out the principles for each technique which was asked our students to do for us, but now all these skills we teach are essential to make good and safe divers;
Finally, the decision gave me more chances to live all of the world.

Q. Why Instruct at Dive Tech?
A. Because the staff is so nice!

Q. Number one tip for future diver?
A. Scuba Diving is a kind of sports, which is firstly a recreational activity, without competition, without reluctance, without peer pressure. You should keep remembering the knowledge and practicing the skills to keep skills up to date are the key, keeping easy and constantly breathing underwater, keeping an eye on your computer and gauges, keep maintaining your equipment, and pursuing your own interest underwater, just do it, for fun.

Q. Your coolest dive trip and why.
A. The Cocos Islands belonged to Australian. There were only 300 local residents and very few visitors. Only one shop for each activity and without business competition, both the owner and guests enjoy the lifestyle of vacation. During the tour of diving there, I saw the most incredible blue sea, sharks, mantas and other special marine lives, and the most important was, I experienced the true essence of scuba diving, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature.

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